Producer prices of industrial products decreased by 2.2 in July%

AK&M 17 August 2022 20:00

In the Russian Federation, manufacturers of industrial products in July decreased by 2.2% compared to the previous month, and have increased by 2.3% since the beginning of the year. This is reported by Rosstat.

In July, in the extraction of minerals for supplies to the domestic market, there was a significant decrease in prices for amber - by 36.8%, blast furnace iron ore agglomerate - by 34.6%, iron ore pellets (oxidized) - by 33.5%, natural diamonds (except technical) - by 29.6%, ores and concentrates of other non-ferrous metals - by 26.7%, iron ore concentrate - by 24.3%, raw iron ore - by 23.6%, antimony concentrates - by 23.5%, coking coal - by 22.7%, coal and anthracite enriched - by 19.6%, zinc concentrates - by 19.5%, unstable gas condensate - by 17.9%, silver concentrates - by 17.4%.

In manufacturing industries, prices in metallurgy have been declining for the third month in a row. Most of all, prices decreased for unalloyed steel in ingots or in other primary forms and semi-finished products made of unalloyed steel - by 35.6%, ferrotitane - by 30.1%, untreated cobalt - by 27.1%, magnesium and products made from it, magnesium-based alloys, powders - by 25.2%, untreated lead - by 24.6%, other alloyed steel in ingots or in other primary forms and semi-finished products from other alloyed steel - by 23%, platinum and platinum group metals, untreated or semi-processed, or in powder form - by 21.1%, ferrosilicon - by 20.9%, untreated zinc - by 20.4%, sheet profiles of unalloyed steel - by 19.9%, ferrovanadium - by 19.5%, cold-rolled sheet rolled from other non-alloy steels, without additional processing.

Prices decreased for certain types of petroleum products and coke: propane and butane liquefied - by 48.1%, coke and semi-coke from coal - by 25.2%, gaseous hydrocarbons, except natural gas - by 22.5%, light distillates not included in other groupings - by 22.4%.