Producer prices of industrial products in February increased by 0.9%

AK&M 22 March 2023 20:00

Prices of manufacturers of industrial goods in February 2023 increased by 0.9% compared to the previous month. Prices have not changed since the beginning of the year. This was reported by Rosstat.

In the extraction of minerals for supplies to the domestic market in February, prices for natural (except technical) rough diamonds increased by 21.1%, asbestos - by 16%, silver concentrates - by 13.7%, blast furnace iron ore agglomerate - by 13.5%, amber and coal, with the exception of anthracite, coking coal and brown coal - by 11.3%, iron ore concentrate - by 10.1%.

In manufacturing industries, prices for: tinctures - by 8.9%, liqueurs - by 4.3%, mixtures of beverages containing alcohol - by 3.5% have become higher.

In metallurgical production, prices for other steel round-section pipes increased by 39.2%, ferromolybdenum - by 35.4%, services for the production of precious metal products performed by a subcontractor - by 34.8%, bars, profiles and zinc wire; plates, sheets, strips or strips and zinc foil - by 27.5%.

In the production of chemicals and chemical products, prices for disinfectants increased by 43%, metal halides - by 29.4%, hydrogen chloride, hydrochloric acid - by 11.2%, zinc oxides - by 10.1%, ethylene glycol (ethanediol) and sealants - by 10%.

At the same time, prices for services for the production of synthetic rubbers in primary forms, individual, performed by a subcontractor, decreased by 37.1%, synthetic rubbers in primary forms - by 16.8%.

Rapeseed oil and its unrefined fractions rose in price by 17.5%, nuts, peanuts - by 12.2%, roasted coffee - by 11.4%, ready-made fish products - by 11.2%, poultry by-products - by 10.7%.

In the production of coke and petroleum products, prices decreased: oil paraffins - by 39.4%, Arctic diesel fuel - by 29.1%, winter diesel fuel - by 21.8%, propane and butane liquefied - by 19.7%, automobile gasoline AI-98 and higher - by 17.6%, petroleum gas - by 15.2%.