Rosseti and Prysmian Group Russia will cooperate in the field of innovative development of electric grids

AK&M 15 October 2021 19:26

PJSC ROSSETI and Prysmian RUS LLC (Prysmian Group Russia) have signed a cooperation agreement aimed at developing the localization of cable equipment in Russia and creating innovative technologies. This is stated in the message of Rosset.

The companies agreed to develop long-term cooperation aimed at localizing the production of import-dependent cable products with a voltage of up to 500 kV and PRY-CAM technology for online diagnostics of electrical equipment at the Prysmian plant in Rybinsk, contributing to increased reliability and observability of electrical networks, as well as scientific and technical cooperation in terms of improving structural solutions and the use of new materials for high-voltage cables.

Rosseti and Prysmian Group Russia are also planning to cooperate in the organization of a training center for specialists in Rybinsk to improve competencies in the installation of cable fittings and work with Prysmian Group monitoring systems.

PJSC ROSSETI, the operator of electric networks in Russia, is one of the largest electric grid companies in the world. The company manages 2.4 million km of power transmission lines, as well as 528 thousand substations with a transformer capacity of more than 809 thousand MVA. In 2020, the useful supply of electricity to consumers amounted to 734.1 billion kWh. The number of employees of the Rosseti group of companies is 216.5 thousand people.