RusHydro has published ESG events since the beginning of the year

AK&M 25 November 2021 19:03

RusHydro has published ESG events since the beginning of 2021. The data is posted on the company's website.

Thus, the transfer of the Anadyr CHPP from coal to gas has been completed, which has increased the efficiency of the CHPP, significantly reduced the environmental impact and improved the company's ESG profile.

In addition, RusHydro Group has signed an agreement with the accredited Association of Energy Market Participants "Goal Number Seven", which will certify the generating facilities of RusHydro Group, after which it will ensure the issuance of "green" I-REC certificates confirming the origin of energy produced by RusHydro Group power plants from renewable sources.

In addition, RusHydro and SIBUR Holding signed a contract for the supply of green electricity from the Nizhne-Bureyskaya HPP to the Amur Gas Chemical Complex.

PJSC "Federal Hydrogenerating Company - RusHydro" (TIN 2460066195) - unites 90 renewable energy facilities in Russia and abroad, thermal power plants and electric grid assets in the Far East, as well as energy marketing companies and research and design institutes. The amount of the authorized capital of the company is 426.289 billion rubles.

RusHydro's profit under IFRS for the first half of 2021 fell by 14% to RUB 40.29 billion from RUB 46.8 billion a year earlier. The profit due to the shareholders of PJSC RusHydro decreased to RUB 40 billion from RUB 45.9 billion. Revenue increased by 5.7% to RUB 204.88 billion from RUB 193.86 billion. 

The net profit of PJSC RusHydro according to RAS for 9 months of 2021 increased by 3% to 43.9 billion rubles, EBITDA - by 5% to 75.8 billion rubles. compared to a year earlier. The company's equity increased by 2% to RUB 905.8 billion. Revenue increased by 9% and amounted to 114.7 billion rubles.  


Recall that at the conference "ESG Reporting", which will be held on December 6, the topic of ESG reporting will be discussed. It will discuss the State policy regarding the disclosure of non-financial information by Russian companies. In particular, whether Russia will follow the European experience of transition to mandatory reporting standards in the field of sustainable development and whether the provisions of international standards will be integrated into the Russian regulatory framework. A separate session will be devoted to the discussion of digital solutions and platforms for transactional accounting of ESG data.