RUSNANO withdrew from the NTO

AK&M 28 January 2022 15:20

RUSNANO withdrew from the NTO, having sold 29.99% of the shares under an option agreement with KIM LLC. This is stated in the company's message.

NTO is a project for the production of high-tech ultrahigh vacuum equipment in the field of microelectronics, which is used to create an electronic component base for optoelectronic devices and equipment of the ultrahigh frequency (microwave) range.

CJSC "NTO" was founded in 2001 by employees of the A. F. Ioffe Institute of Physics and Technology. In 2005, the development of equipment for the formation of thin-film structures on a semiconductor wafer began, and three years later the first electron beam sputtering installations were released. In 2010, the project was funded by the RUSNANO Group.

The RUSNANO Group includes the RUSNANO Joint Stock Company, the RUSNANO Management Company and the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs. Thanks to RUSNANO's investments, 138 enterprises and R&D centers operate in 37 regions of Russia.