Russia will introduce a single tax payment

AK&M 29 June 2022 16:21

Russia will introduce a single tax payment. The new rules will be in effect from January 1, 2023. This was reported by the State Duma.

Instead of the current obligation to fill in a large number of payment orders with a huge number of details, the adopted law introduces the institution of a single tax account opened to each payer in the Federal Treasury, where taxpayers will be able to transfer a single tax payment with only the amount of payment and their TIN in the payment order. 

At the same time, the tax authority, on the basis of available documents and information, independently counts a single tax payment against the fulfillment by the payer of tax payment obligations, including on the basis of information provided by the payer in some cases.

"To simplify the procedure for paying taxes, it is proposed to introduce a single tax account. Citizens, individual entrepreneurs and legal entities will be able to use it. The law will save them from having to fill out numerous payment orders with a large number of details," the Chairman of the State Duma noted earlier Vyacheslav Volodin.

The adoption of the law will exclude the taxpayer from having debts and overpayments for different types of taxes at the same time and will provide an economically justified calculation of the amount of penalties for the total amount of debt. Debt collection will exclude the application of excessive security measures by the tax authorities to payers. In addition, "free" funds transferred to a single tax account that exceed the total amount of taxes payable are at the disposal of such a taxpayer and can be returned to him or credited to another person's taxes at the taxpayer's request.

The draft law establishes uniform deadlines for paying taxes — the 28th day of each month - which will simplify the taxpayers' payment calendar.