Sberbank's dividends for 2022 - 25 rubles. per share

AK&M 17 March 2023 18:42

The net profit of the Savings Bank under the IFRS in 2022 amounted to 270 billion rubles, the volume of own funds increased to 5.8 trillion rubles, and the adequacy of the basic capital for the group increased to 14.8%. This comment was given by Herman Gref to journalists following the meeting of the Supervisory Board of Sberbank on March 17.

The Supervisory Board of the bank recommended to shareholders at the AGM a decision to pay a record in the history of the Savings Bank dividends in the amount of 565 billion rubles. This is 25 rubles per share and a yield of about 15% per annum based on the price of the shares of the Savings Bank in recent days. Over the past 5 months, the shares of Sberbank have increased in price by more than 70%. 

About 1.5 million Russians are private investors of the bank. BEAC became the stock of the first choice, occupying 35% in the "people's" portfolio according to the Moscow Stock Exchange. 

Dividends for ordinary and preferred shares are equal. May 11 is the date of registration of persons entitled to receive dividends.

In January and February 2023, the Beac received 225 billion rubles. net profit in aggregate. Mortgages have become a strong driver of growth. The number of mortgage applications filed in February exceeded the January figures by 14%, and compared to the same period in 2022, the increase was 18%. So in January–February, about 700 thousand applications were submitted in the amount of 2.2 trillion rubles. In the first half of March, more than 150 thousand applications have already been submitted for the amount of 560 billion rubles.

Sberbank of Russia (TIN 7707083893) is the largest bank in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe. The Bank is the main lender of the Russian economy and holds the largest share in the deposit market. Sberbank's services are used by customers in 18 countries around the world. The Bank has a branch network in Russia: about 14 thousand service points. The bank's foreign network consists of subsidiaries, branches and representative offices in the UK, USA, CIS, Central and Eastern Europe, India, China and other countries.

The authorized capital of Sberbank is 67.76 billion rubles and consists of 21586948 thousand ordinary shares and one billion preferred shares with a nominal value of 3 rubles. The main shareholder of Sberbank is the Russian Federation represented by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, which owns 50% of the authorized capital of Sberbank PJSC plus 1 voting share. The remaining 50% minus 1 voting share of the bank's authorized capital is owned by Russian and international investors. 

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