SIBUR's 6-month IFRS net loss was RUB 4.463 billion

AK&M 05 August 2020 15:01

IFRS net loss of SIBUR for 1H 2020 amounted to RUB 4.463 billion against a profit of RUB 77.608 billion a year earlier, the company reported.

Revenue (excluding VAT and export duties) decreased by 11.6% to RUB 235.316 billion from RUB 266.279 billion, EBITDA by 14.2% to RUB 73.865 billion from RUB 86.116 billion.

PJSC SIBUR Holding (tax number: 7727547261) is the largest Russian manufacturer of petrochemical goods. SIBUR's controlling shareholder is Leonid Mikhelson.

SIBUR's IFRS net profit for 2019 increased by 27.6% YoY to RUB 141.4 billion. The company's revenue decreased by 6.6% to RUB 531.3 billion, EBITDA by 15.4% to RUB 170 billion.