Smolensk customs officer refused a bribe of $ 15 thousand

AK&M 26 January 2022 16:14

An employee of the Smolensk customs refused a bribe in the amount of $ 15 thousand, which was offered to him by a 61-year-old resident of Smolensk for concealing detected violations during customs inspection of goods. This was reported by the FCS.

At the end of last year, in the area of 454 km of the M-1 highway "Belarus" near the settlement of Krasnaya Gorka in the Krasninsky district of the Smolensk region, a vehicle with goods in respect of which customs control measures were applied was stopped.

The representative of the cargo owner company offered the inspector of the Department for control over the import and turnover of goods of the Smolensk Customs a bribe for concealing the revealed violations during the customs inspection of goods transported from the Republic of Belarus to the Russian Federation.

An employee of the Smolensk customs immediately reported the fact of inducement to commit a corruption offense and then acted within the framework of operational measures.

In a parking lot on one of the streets of Smolensk on January 25, 2022, a businessman handed a bribe of $ 15 thousand to a customs officer. After that, the man was detained red-handed during joint activities conducted by the anti-corruption department of the Smolensk Customs and the SU IC of Russia.

A criminal case has been initiated against a bribe-giver accused of committing a crime under Part 5 of Article 291 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (bribing an official on a particularly large scale) by the SU IC of Russia.

Currently, investigative actions are being carried out. The issue of choosing a preventive measure in the form of detention in relation to the suspect is being resolved. The investigation of the criminal case continues.