Sollers creates an industrial center for the production of frame cars at the UAZ site

AK&M 24 May 2023 19:15

Sollers is creating a multi-brand industrial center for the production of frame cars at the UAZ site. As part of this strategy, new capacities for the production of framed commercial vehicles will be created at the UAZ industrial site. This is stated in the company's message.

The first project will be the organization of production in Ulyanovsk of compact low-tonnage trucks Sollers Argo. The assembly of this model has already started in a new building at the UAZ industrial site within the framework of a separate legal entity – Sollers Cargo LLC. Currently, construction and installation works are also being completed on the territory of the UAZ industrial Park to launch full-cycle production, including welding, painting of the cab and assembly of Sollers Argo. Planned capacities for the production of this model are designed to produce more than 10 thousand cars per year in a five-year perspective.  The total investment in the project will amount to over 1 billion rubles.

Sollers Argo is a compact car for urban transportation. The car has a number of modifications for any cargo delivery tasks. The gross weight is from 2.5 tons, the load capacity is less than 1 ton. The car is equipped with a diesel engine of 2 liters., with a capacity of 130 hp at 3600 rpm, the torque is 285 Nm at 2200-2600 rpm.

Sollers Group is a group of companies that combines solutions and services in the field of mobility. The Sollers Group includes businesses for the production and distribution of cars (Sollers Auto), logistics (Pacific Logistics, Lorus SCM), as well as technology companies developing software and hardware complexes and digital platforms (PROF–IT Group, Conscious Machines, 86 bits, Lorus Labs, Sollers Technologies).