Tatneft confirms its commitment to carbon neutrality

AK&M 23 June 2022 17:14

Tatneft confirms its commitment to carbon neutrality. The company verified the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through the implementation of projects. This is stated in the company's message.

Tatneft sets an ambitious goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 with a consistent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. As a result of the implementation of projects to reduce emissions, Tatneft Group has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 132 thousand tons of CO2-eq., which is confirmed by the accredited greenhouse gas verification body LLC MIP NES Profexpert.

According to expert estimates, obtaining carbon units for projects will allow the company to produce 5 million barrels of carbon-neutral oil. Reduction of direct and indirect emissions, improvement of energy efficiency of production processes are achieved by the implementation of a program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The program includes projects to reduce flare burning, energy saving, measures to reduce methane emissions, equipment modernization and reconstruction of existing production facilities. Gorenje The company is constantly searching for new technological solutions to reduce the carbon footprint.

PJSC Tatneft is one of the largest Russian vertically integrated oil companies, which dynamically develops oil and gas production, oil refining, petrochemistry, tire complex, gas station network, electric power industry, development and production of equipment for the oil and gas industry and a block of service structures.

Tatneft's profit under IFRS for 2021 increased by 93.9% to 198.88 billion rubles from 102.57 billion rubles a year earlier. Revenue from sales of non–bank transactions increased by 59% to 1.26 trillion rubles from 795.8 billion rubles, operating profit - by 86% to 256.8 billion rubles from 138.09 billion rubles.

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