The 11-month net profit of VTB Group on downtrend

AK&M 29 December 2020 15:42

The 11-month net profit of VTB Group rallied down 57.7% to 69.9bn rub., as it was informed by the Bank.

In Nov. 2020 the patterns rocketed down 69.7% to 5.4bn rub. The funds on the deposits reached 12.9tril rub. In Nov. the total amount of the deposits added 0.7%.

The loans and advances on Nov. 30 increased 14.3% to 13.1tril rub. The aggregated credit portfolio remained unchanged.

VTB Group is a Russian financial group including more than 20 credit and financial companies operating in all major segments of the financial market. In the CIS countries, the Group is represented in Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan. VTB banks in Austria, Germany and France operate under a European sub-holding headed by VTB Bank (Austria). In addition, the group has subsidiaries and associated banks in the UK, Cyprus, Serbia, Georgia and Angola, as well as one branch of VTB Bank in China and India, two branches of VTB Capital Plc in Singapore and Dubai.

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