The 1445th AK&M Bulletin on Mechanical Engineering has been published

AK&M 22 October 2021 13:16

The 1445th issue of the bulletin "Branches of the Russian economy: production, finance, securities. Mechanical Engineering" of the AK&M News Agency.

In August of this year, Rosstat recorded continued growth in industrial production in three of the five engineering sectors in annual comparison. The production of other vehicles and equipment increased at the fastest pace. In general, we can talk about the output of machine-building production to pre-crisis levels and stabilization of the situation. And already in September, the seasonally adjusted PMI index of Russia's manufacturing industries, which tracks the general market situation, rose significantly to 49.8 points from 46.5 points in August, interrupting a three-month decline. At the same time, it is still slightly below the critical mark of 50 points.

Kaliningrad holding "Avtotor" is working on launching the production of electric vehicles and hydrogen-powered cars. In particular, Avtotor plans to increase its investment commitments and launch a project of localized production of electric vehicles and components, including plans to export. Passenger cars and light commercial vehicles of their own design will appear in 2023, the first 200 copies will be produced. Sales will begin in August 2024. In 2024, the first electric cars for low-mobility groups of citizens will be released. The company is considering the possibility of production under the Kia, Hyundai or BMW brands.

The value volume of exports of mechanical engineering products in January-August 2021 amounted to $19.94 billion, while the volume of imports of mechanical engineering products is 7.8 times higher — $156.002 billion. In annual comparison, the growth of export volumes by the end of eight months is observed in all categories, both in absolute and monetary terms. The increase in the value of exports is also recorded in monthly dynamics in machinery and equipment and trucks. Also, according to the results of August 2021, there is a significant increase in imports for all items in annual comparison. At the same time, in August, in relation to July, there is a significant reduction in the physical volume of imports of trucks.

The Rustelcom company (part of the Macro Group Group) has launched a plant for the production of electronic modules in the Obukhovo industrial zone of St. Petersburg. Annually, the company will produce up to 500 thousand computing modules, up to 5 million smart meter controllers or up to 10 million memory modules per year. Total investments in the construction of the plant exceeded 600 million rubles. The company received almost half of this amount in the form of a concessional loan for 270 million rubles under the "Component Products" program from the State Industrial Development Fund. The implementation of the project will reduce dependence on foreign-made electronics products. The company specializes in the production of complex, expensive products for applications critical to equipment failure — industrial automation, supercomputers, telecommunications and automotive electronics.

The Russian government has approved the rules for providing state support to compensate enterprises for part of the costs of purchasing and introducing Russian radio-electronic products. Subsidies — up to 4 billion rubles per year - will be provided for projects on the introduction of Russian products, which are planned to be implemented in the next five years. At the same time, the company itself must invest at least 100 million rubles in the project for the entire period. In addition, the organization must commit itself that the share of Russian electronics in the total volume of the project will be at least 70% based on the results of its implementation. Due to federal subsidies, companies will be able to reimburse up to 50% of costs. Projects that have been approved and approved by the Government Commission on Digital Development, the Use of Information Technologies to improve the quality of life and business Conditions can apply for state support.

It is planned to allocate 1.05 trillion rubles for the implementation of the state program of scientific and technological development of Russia. Such parameters were outlined by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko during the first meeting of the Government Commission on Scientific and Technological Development. According to him, at the moment the state program includes 75 structural elements, 20 of them are part of national projects.

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