The assets of Rusagro Group and its shareholders have been seized

AK&M 24 January 2022 19:37

The Arbitration Court of the Saratov Region lifted the interim measures that had previously been imposed on the property of Rusagro Group LLC and the company's shareholders - Maxim Basov and Vadim Moshkovich, satisfying the company's application. This is stated in the company's message.

"We are glad that the court promptly sorted out the misunderstanding and lifted all restrictive measures," the press service of Rusagro Group said.

Rusagro Group of Companies is one of the largest vertically integrated agricultural holdings in Russia. The Group is involved in sugar production, fat and oil business, pig breeding and crop production. Rusagro's net profit under IFRS in January-September 2021 increased 2.3 times to 35.4 billion rubles. Revenue increased by 45% to RUB 157.6 billion, adjusted EBITDA increased by 52% to RUB 30.7 billion.