The Cabinet of Ministers directs 6 billion rubles for the development of equipment for gas liquefaction and chemical production

AK&M 30 September 2022 13:31

The Government of the Russian Federation has allocated 6 billion rubles from its reserve fund to Russian companies for research and development work on the creation of domestic equipment for gas liquefaction, as well as the production of various goods and products based on chemical technologies. The corresponding order was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

Including 2 billion rubles. will be allocated for the creation of prototypes of equipment for the production of medium and large batches of liquefied natural gas (LNG), 4 billion rubles. – for the development of technologies for the production of chemical products.

Among the LNG equipment to be developed and tested are an electric booster compressor for raw gas, carbon and stainless steel pipeline parts, high-power process centrifugal pumps and other devices.

In 2022, work will begin on the implementation of 11 such projects. In the future, this will increase the production of liquefied natural gas. It is planned that by 2035, the indicators should grow to 80-140 million tons per year, the Cabinet of Ministers reports.

In addition, at the expense of federal funding in 2022, the implementation of 30 projects for the production of products based on modern chemical technologies will begin. This includes artificial inulin and textile heat-resistant fibers. The production of higher fatty alcohols, lactic acid, lysine, citric acid, amino acids and other chemical products will also be established in the country. Now these substances, which are widely in demand by various industries, are purchased abroad. With the help of federal funds, automobile tires with a metal-cord frame will be created.