The Cabinet of Ministers increased federal social benefits

AK&M 27 January 2022 16:26

The Cabinet of Ministers indexed federal social benefits with a coefficient of 1.084. The corresponding resolution was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin

Thus, from February 1, 2022, the amount of a number of social benefits, allowances and compensations will increase by 8.4%. Among other things, we are talking about payments received by disabled people, veterans, Chernobyl victims, heroes of Russia, as well as citizens who suffered at work.

The amount of maternity capital for the first child will also increase to 524.5 thousand rubles from 483.9 thousand rubles for the second and subsequent children to 693.1 thousand rubles.

The indexation will affect a number of benefits that are provided to families with children. Among such payments are a one-time allowance at the birth of a child, a monthly allowance for child care, a one-time allowance for the transfer of a child to a family for upbringing.

In Russia, since 2018, a single procedure for indexing social benefits has been established - once a year from February 1, based on the actual consumer price index for the previous year.