The Cabinet of Ministers increased the maximum size of the mortgage using a preferential rate

AK&M 18 May 2022 17:09

The Government of the Russian Federation has increased the maximum size of a mortgage loan using a preferential rate. On behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin, it was decided to reduce the interest rate on preferential mortgages to 9%: for Moscow, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Leningrad regions with a limit of up to 12 million rubles; for other regions - 6 million rubles. This was announced by the Cabinet of Ministers.

The maximum amount of a loan using a preferential rate for the purchase of housing has been increased: up to 30 million rubles. – for a preferential mortgage; up to 15 million rubles. – for a family mortgage.

At the same time, the amount of the preferential loan remains at the same level, but now it can be combined with an additional amount taken at the market rate.

The program will be valid until the end of 2022. For banks that issue such loans, the rate within the preferential limit will be compensated.