The Central Bank has extended restrictions on the withdrawal of money abroad

AK&M 30 September 2022 12:06

The Bank of Russia has extended restrictions on money withdrawal abroad until March 31, 2023. Russians and citizens of friendly countries will still be able to transfer up to $1 million to any accounts in foreign banks within a month, using money transfer systems - no more than $ 10 thousand or the equivalent in another foreign currency. The amounts of transfers are determined according to the official exchange rate of foreign currencies to the ruble on the date of receipt of the transaction order by the bank.

Non-resident individuals working in Russia have the right to transfer funds abroad in the amount of wages. Representatives of both friendly and unfriendly countries have such an opportunity.

For non-resident individuals from unfriendly countries who do not work in Russia, as well as legal entities from such states, a ban on transferring funds abroad remains.