The Central Bank introduced macroprudential limits on consumer loans

AK&M 21 November 2022 19:11

The Bank of Russia has determined the values of macroprudential limits on unsecured consumer loans for banks with a universal license and MFIs for the first quarter of 2023. This is stated in the message of the regulator.

For banks, the limit for loans with a debt load of more than 80% will be 25% of the volume of consumer loans provided. For MFIs, the limit will reach 35%. 

The Central Bank still considers it inappropriate to set limits for banks with a basic license, since their contribution to the debt burden of the population is insignificant. The total amount of debt owed by individuals on unsecured consumer loans to banks with a basic license is RUB 9 billion (0.1% of the portfolio of unsecured consumer loans of the banking sector).

In addition, the maximum amount of capital of banks with a basic license is limited to 1 billion rubles, so the possibility of customers from banks with a universal license flowing into them is small, the regulator emphasizes.