The court satisfied the requirements of the Ministry of Ecology on compensation for the costs of eliminating illegal landfills in Odintsovo city district

AK&M 23 June 2022 19:30

The Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region has satisfied the claims of the Ministry of Ecology of the region for compensation for the costs of liquidating an illegal landfill in the Odintsovo city district. The defendants were the owner of the land and the direct organizer of the garbage piles. This is stated in the message of the ministry.

"The inspectors of the eco-supervision found that a large dump of construction waste has been formed in the city of Odintsovo, consisting mainly of soils, concrete and brick fight, asphalt scrap," said Tikhon Firsov, Minister of Ecology and Nature Management of the Moscow Region, quoted in the message. – Studies have shown that the total area of illegal placement exceeded 4 thousand m2, the volume of waste – more than 13 thousand m3."

As it turned out during the administrative investigation, the delivery of waste was carried out by a local individual entrepreneur, and the land plot belongs to the Art-Pak-M company, which provided the citizen with land for rent.

The estimated cost of liquidating the illegal landfill exceeded 25 million rubles. Since the responsibility in such cases is borne by both the violator himself and the owner, the court decided to recover this amount jointly and severally from both.

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