The federal budget surplus in 2022-2023 is expected to be within 1% of GDP

AK&M 22 September 2021 11:19

Federal budget expenditures in 2022 will amount to 23.6 trillion rubles, in 2023 – 25.1 trillion rubles, in 2024 – 26.1 trillion rubles. This was stated by Finance Minister Anton Siluanov at a Government meeting, presenting the main parameters of the draft federal budget for 2022-2024, according to the message of the Ministry of Finance.

The budget parameters provide for a surplus budget in the first two years with a surplus within 1% of GDP. Starting from 2024, a deficit of 0.2% of GDP is expected.

In 2024, the amount of allocations for national development goals provided for in the framework of national projects and activities for the implementation of the President's messages of the Russian Federation will be increased by 1.7 times compared to 2020. In 2022, 3.6 trillion rubles are provided for these purposes, in 2023 – 3.9 trillion rubles, in 2024 - 4 trillion rubles.