The former commercial director of the Miratorg shopping mall was sentenced to five years in prison

AK&M 01 July 2022 19:18

Former Commercial Director LLC "TC "Miratorg" Yulia Aksenova was sentenced to five years in prison. She was found guilty of abuse of authority, and three other former employees of the company from among her subordinates were found guilty of causing particularly large damage. They received four years of real time. This is stated in the company's message.

Thus, Y.Aksenova was found guilty under Article 201 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, namely, of abuse of authority by a person performing managerial functions in a commercial organization, contrary to the legitimate interests of this organization, in order to extract benefits for herself and others, which entailed grave consequences.

A manager with great functionality and responsibility, sold meat at a below-market price to a number of clients associated with her and her accomplices. According to the expert opinion, the difference between the cost of sales and the base price of the goods amounted to more than 34 million rubles. The companies that acted as "pads" selling products from Miratorg to its own customers were related to three former subordinates of Yu.Aksenova: Constaninu Krasko, Tatiana Nikitina and Alexander Zhulanov. In total, the total damage caused by the ex-head and her accomplices is estimated at more than 128 million rubles. This includes both direct losses of the company and losses in the form of lost profits: the difference between the cost at which the products are sold.Aksenova on its commercial structures and the cost of products in case of its sale at market prices.

Calculated Yu .Aksenov, when the internal audit service recorded deviations in the results of the analysis of customer relationships. The inspectors noticed that for a long time meat was sold to a number of contractors at a price significantly lower than that at which meat processing plants received it, the profitability of sales was zero, and the terms of shipment were as loyal as possible.

29 court sessions were scheduled in the case, some of which were postponed due to the absence of the accused, 33 witnesses were questioned, both from the prosecution and the defense. The judge announced the verdict of the entire criminal group on July 1, 2022. The court sentenced Yu .Aksenov was sentenced to five years in prison with compensation for illegally obtained funds in the amount of 34 million rubles. direct damage. K.Krasko, T.Nikitina and A.Zhulanov were sentenced to terms of four years in prison. Miratorg company provided all the necessary documents to the court, the verdict was passed within the framework of the legislation.

Miratorg agro-industrial holding was founded in 1995. The enterprises that are part of the holding carry out a full production cycle: from the field to the counter. Miratorg offers its customers a wide range of different types of products in the main product categories: Vitamin (frozen vegetables, berries, mushrooms and mixtures); Miratorg (frozen semi-finished poultry meat, lasagna and ready meals); Gurmama (meat semi-finished products); Miratorg (chilled meat semi-finished products).