The increase in gasoline prices was recorded in 63 regions of the Russian Federation

AK&M 31 May 2023 20:00

The increase in prices for automobile gasoline for the period from May 23 to May 29 was recorded in 63 subjects of the Russian Federation. Most of all, it has risen in price in the Republic of Dagestan – by 1.7%, Amur and Kemerovo regions – by 1.1%. This was reported by Rosstat.

A decrease in prices for automobile gasoline was recorded in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug – by 0.9% and the Republic of Adygea – by 0.1%.

In Moscow, over the past period, prices for automobile gasoline increased by 0.3%, in St. Petersburg - by 0.2%. At the observed gas stations in Moscow, AI-92 gasoline could be purchased at a price from 44.50 to 49.21 rubles, AI-95 – from 49.40 to 56.19 rubles, AI-98 and higher – from 62.40 to 64.50 rubles per liter. In St. Petersburg, AI-92 gasoline cost from 46.60 to 49.13 rubles, AI-95 – from 51.00 to 54.59 rubles, AI-98 and above – from 61.50 to 64.79 rubles per liter.