The MAYOR has prepared amendments to the legislation on mandatory verification of carbon reporting

AK&M 15 October 2021 19:24

The Ministry of Economic Development has prepared amendments to the law on limiting greenhouse gas emissions in terms of mandatory verification of carbon reporting. This is stated in the message of the ministry with reference to the state Secretary - Deputy Minister of Economic Development Alexei Khersontsev.

The bill introduces a reporting system for CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. For those whose emissions will amount to more than 150 thousand tons per year until 2024 and more than 50 thousand tons from 2024, this reporting will be mandatory.

Companies will also be able to voluntarily implement projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or absorb them. For each completed project, carbon units will be produced – a visual, quantitative assessment of the company's climate efforts.

The confidence of the company and stakeholders in the reliability of information on greenhouse gas emissions and the effectiveness of climate projects will be ensured by an independent validation and verification procedure carried out by accredited organizations whose competence has been confirmed by Rosaccreditation.

Strict requirements for compliance with international standards will be established for greenhouse gas validation and verification bodies: requirements for the competence, education and qualifications of members of greenhouse gas validation and verification groups, requirements for conducting or managing validation and verification procedures.