The Ministry of Finance offered telecom operators to abandon "unlimited limits" due to a shortage of equipment under sanctions

AK&M 29 March 2022 17:29

Telecom operators may have objective difficulties maintaining the pace of network development due to a shortage of equipment under sanctions. This is stated in the message of the Ministry of Finance.

In this regard, the Ministry recommends that operators evenly distribute the load on the network. Namely, to limit the offers of unlimited tariffs, which caused distortions in traffic consumption, uneven load on the network. If necessary, it is advisable to revise the content of tariffs.

The Ministry of Finance drew attention to the fact that in recent years mobile operators have accumulated a critical mass of so-called "archive" tariffs, including those with unlimited Internet access. This creates an unreasonably high load in places where subscribers can connect to wired communication networks. The recommendations are aimed at eliminating this bias in the use of mobile communication networks, the ministry says.

In addition, the exclusion of "archived" tariffs with an unrealistically low price for communication services will allow operators to maintain current tariffs for all subscribers, the Ministry of Finance believes.

At the same time, the ministry promises that together with the FAS it will control the price increase. Cellular tariffs will not rise above the inflation rate in Russia.