The number of retail mutual fund investors in the third quarter exceeded 5.7 million

AK&M 16 November 2021 12:46

The number of retail investors of mutual funds in the third quarter of 2021 exceeded 5.7 million, which is more than 1 million people more than in the previous three months, according to a review by the Bank of Russia.

The number of shareholders is growing due to new customers who come with small amounts. So, during the quarter, the average value of investments of individuals decreased by 7% to 41 thousand rubles.

Net inflow of funds to mutual funds decreased compared to the second quarter. This is largely due to the outflow of investments from interval mutual funds (IPIF), which was of a corrective nature after high growth rates in the previous quarter, the regulator emphasizes.

Shareholders continued to withdraw their funds from open mutual funds and exchange-traded mutual funds specializing in Russian bonds. Conservative investors could refocus on bank deposits, the rates for which began to rise. At the same time, funds investing in shares of Russian companies showed positive dynamics. This was largely facilitated by the growth of the stock market with weak dynamics of the bond market.

The main inflow of funds has traditionally been provided by closed-end mutual funds (ZPIF). Their popularity is gaining momentum among wealthy investors - individuals, as the line of this segment is expanding and the entry threshold is decreasing.