The property of the Perm pig farm has been put up for auction again

AK&M 05 June 2023 16:12

Ilya Zuikin, the bankruptcy trustee of Perm Pig Complex JSC, announced a repeat auction for the sale of the company's property complex. Kommersant writes about this.

All the land plots, buildings and structures, equipment, vehicles, production inventory, as well as the trademark of the pig complex and its accounts receivable are put up for auction again in a single lot. The initial price of the asset is 1.23 billion rubles. The auction is scheduled for July 20.

The first auctions for the sale of the capacities of the Perm pig complex were held from April 19 to June 1. On them, the listed property was sold at an initial price of 1.37 billion rubles. The auction did not take place due to an insufficient number of participants.

JSC Perm Pig Complex was declared bankrupt in April 2022. Now on the basis of a bankrupt regional enterprise, LLC "May Meat Processing Plant" is working.