The State Duma adopted a law granting the Cabinet of Ministers the right to introduce special measures in the economy when conducting special operations outside the Russian Federation

AK&M 06 July 2022 17:29

The State Duma adopted in the second and third readings the law "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation (on the issue of providing the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation)". Accompanying amendments to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation have also been adopted. This is stated in the message of the lower house of parliament.

In accordance with the law, the Government of the Russian Federation is granted the right to make decisions on the introduction of special measures in the economic sphere in order to ensure operations outside Russia.

The law provides that legal entities, regardless of their organizational and legal form and form of ownership, will not have the right to refuse to conclude contracts within the framework of public procurement or state defense orders, if we are talking about goods, works or services necessary to ensure operations abroad.

In addition, it provides for the establishment of the specifics of the legal regulation of labor relations in individual organizations. We are talking about processing, working at night, weekends and holidays, as well as providing annual paid vacations.