The State Duma adopted a law on credit holidays for mobilized citizens

AK&M 28 September 2022 18:11

The State Duma adopted in the second and third readings the law "On the specifics of the fulfillment of obligations under credit Agreements (loan Agreements) by persons Called up for military service for mobilization into the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, persons taking part in a special military operation, as well as their family members and on Amendments to certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation." This is reported by the lower house of parliament.

In accordance with the law, the serviceman-borrower is granted the right to apply to the lender with a request to change the terms of the contract, providing for the suspension of performance of obligations for a period not exceeding the term of military service, or to reduce the amount of payments during the grace period.

It will be possible to do this at any time during the validity of the agreement, but no later than December 31, 2023, and only if no deferral has been provided for this loan before. Holidays can be set no earlier than September 21. The restriction "one vacation for one loan" will not apply to the mobilized.

By the second reading, the circle of persons subject to the law has been clarified: in addition to those mobilized, these are contractors and volunteers. Citizens who have signed a contract not only with the Ministry of Defense, but also with the Rosgvardiya, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the FSB and a number of other services will be able to issue credit holidays. The law will also apply to border guards who are on the territory of the Russian Federation, but are involved in their own. Individual entrepreneurs will also be able to take advantage of the delay.

In case of death or disability of group I, the loan will be written off in its entirety.