The State Duma adopted the draft federal budget in the second reading

AK&M 23 November 2021 17:49

The State Duma adopted in the second reading the draft federal budget for 2022 and the planning period 2023-2024. This is stated in the message of the lower house of parliament.

According to the draft budget, revenues in 2022 are planned at 25.02 trillion rubles, in 2023 — 25.54 trillion rubles, in 2024 - 25.83 trillion rubles.

Expenses in 2022 will amount to 23.69 trillion rubles, in 2023 — 25.24 trillion rubles, in 2024 - 26.35 trillion rubles. In particular, 2.74 trillion rubles are planned to be allocated for the implementation of national projects in 2022, 2.88 trillion rubles in 2023, and 2.98 trillion rubles in 2024.

When preparing the document for the second reading, the profile committee of the State Duma received about 1 thousand amendments. During the discussion, some of the amendments were merged, some were withdrawn by the authors. The final tables include 753 amendments, including 589 for acceptance and 164 for rejection.