The train schedule of the Kiev direction of the Moscow Railway will change on the weekend of May

AK&M 18 May 2022 12:25

On the weekend of May 21-22 and May 28-29, the schedule of some suburban trains of the Kiev direction of the Moscow Railway will change. This is due to the continuation of work on the large-scale reconstruction of the Lesnoy Gorodok station of the future MCD–4 Aprelevka - Zheleznodorozhnaya, which will connect the Kiev and Gorky directions of the Moscow Railway. This is stated in the message of the Ministry of Railways.

Technological "windows" are scheduled from 23:40 on May 21 to 12:30 on May 22 and from 21:30 on May 28 to 10:00 on May 29. During this period, at the Lesnoy Gorodok station, railway workers dismantle the support blocks that were previously installed to carry out work on the construction of the exits of the future pedestrian tunnel to Zheleznodorozhnaya Street. The works are carried out under the existing tracks without stopping the movement of trains using heavy machinery. Currently, the construction of the pedestrian crossing has been completed by 70%, the builders have started finishing works. In the future, its length will be 51 m, it will have 4 exits (two to new platforms and two to the city) and a lobby with an area of 1.8 thousand m2, where ticket offices and turnstiles will be located. For the convenience of passengers, 3 elevators and 6 escalators will be installed in it.

For the period of work, the movement of trains will be organized along neighboring tracks. In this regard, some commuter trains and Aeroexpress trains will be removed from the schedule, some trains will change the departure and arrival times, as well as the number of stops on the route.

As part of the development of the Kiev branch of the MZHD, large-scale work is underway to develop the infrastructure of the Lesnoy Gorodok station, which in the future will be included in the MCD-4. Currently, the construction of a covered pedestrian bridge with glass facades with a total length of 55 m, which will connect Vokzalnaya Street and the village of Osorgino, has almost been completed here. The new crossing will allow residents of the Odintsovo district to safely cross a busy section of the railway, where more than 180 pairs of trains pass per day.

In addition, the construction of a 315-meter-long automobile overpass, which will replace the railway crossing, is in the final stage. Builders have already started laying concrete slabs for the subsequent arrangement of the road surface.

It is planned to complete the reconstruction of the Lesnoy Gorodok station in 2023.

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