The volume of car loans in Russia in 2021 increased by 11.1%

AK&M 24 January 2022 13:19

More than 1 million loans were issued in Russia in 2021. This is 11.1% higher than the result of 2020. As stated in the NBKI report, this is the second result in the entire history of observations. More were issued only in 2013 - 1.1 million car loans.

In 2021, the largest number of car loans issued was registered in Moscow (83.3 thousand), the Moscow Region (64.2 thousand), St. Petersburg (59 thousand), Krasnodar Krai (47 thousand) and the Republic of Tatarstan (44.5 thousand).

Most of all, car loans increased (among the 30 leading regions in terms of the number of car loans issued) in the Krasnodar Territory (42.9%), Irkutsk Region (40.3%), Krasnoyarsk (32%) and Stavropol (31%) territories, as well as in the Moscow Region (24.5%). In Moscow and St. Petersburg, the number of loans increased by 23.1% and 15%, respectively.

At the same time, in a number of regions, the volume of loans decreased, including in the Kemerovo (19.6%) and Samara (4.5%) regions, as well as in the Republics of Tatarstan (3.5%) and Bashkortostan (0.7%).