The volume of the NWF in May decreased by 123 billion rubles

AK&M 02 June 2023 16:24

The volume of the National Welfare Fund as of June 1, 2023 reached 12.353 trillion rubles ($153.099 billion) or 8.2% of GDP projected for 2023. This is reported by the Ministry of Finance.

The volume of the NWF as of May 1, 2023 amounted to 12.476 trillion rubles ($154.958 billion). Thus, during the month the fund decreased by 123 billion rubles.

On separate accounts for the accounting of NWF funds in the Bank of Russia, the following were placed: 9.055 billion euros; 285.736 billion Chinese yuan; 517114.1 kg of gold in an impersonal form; 228 million rubles. On deposits and subordinated deposits in VEB.The Russian Federation has placed 648.466 billion rubles.

The volume of liquid assets of the NWF (funds in bank accounts with the Bank of Russia) as of June 1 amounted to 6.643 trillion rubles ($82.33 billion) or 4.4% of GDP projected for 2023.>