The volume of trading in foreign securities on the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange has increased 2.2 times in 11 months

AK&M 03 December 2021 12:26

The volume of trading in foreign securities on the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange for 11 months of 2021 amounted to $363.85 billion, which is 2.2 times more than a year earlier. In November 2021, trading volume increased by 62.33% to $40.93 billion year-on-year. Compared to October, the indicator increased by 32.52%. This is stated in the message of the exchange.

The average daily trading volume for the group of instruments "foreign securities" in November increased by 26.5% compared to October and amounted to $1.86 billion. In November, 29.34 million transactions were concluded by bidders in the Main Trading Mode.

The number of active investor accounts in November increased by 7.69% to 909.63 thousand. The number of accounts with securities positions increased by 5.7% compared to October, amounting to 1.56 million.

As of November 30, 17.4 million client accounts admitted to trading were registered on the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange, which is 8.49% more than a month earlier. The number of unique customers increased by 7.85% compared to October to 11.81 million.

The leaders in terms of trading volume in the main trading Mode for the "foreign securities" group of instruments were shares and depositary receipts: Tesla, NVIDIA, Moderna, Alibaba, Amazon, Meta Platforms, Apple, VipShop, Advanced Micro Devices, PayPal.

Top 10 stocks and depositary receipts of foreign issuers in investor portfolios in monetary terms as a percentage of the total volume at the end of November (average portfolio): Alibaba, Apple, Tesla, Virgin Galactic, Freedom Holding, Meta Platforms, Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing, Baidu.