Three times as many families have taken out a mortgage Bank HOUSE.Russia in May

AK&M 06 June 2023 14:42

In May 2023, DOM Bank.The Russian Federation issued mortgage loans in the amount of 21.2 billion rubles – this exceeds the indicator of May last year by almost three times. Housing conditions have been improved by more than 4 thousand families. In total, since the beginning of the year, the bank has conducted more than 17 thousand mortgage transactions in the amount of 88.5 billion rubles – almost 1.5 times more than in the same period of 2022. This is stated in the bank's message.

The bank recorded growth in almost all mortgage programs. Mortgage loans in the secondary market increased the most – by more than 6 times by May of last year (10% of transactions), the purchase of new buildings outside of programs with state support – by 6 times (3.6%). According to state programs, the IT mortgage is the leader in dynamics - almost 4.5 times (16%). "Family" increased by 2 times (37% of disbursements), "Preferential for new buildings" – by 3.3 times (26%), "Far Eastern" – by more than 3 times (2.5%).

The leading regions included Moscow (7.4 billion rubles, 3.7 times growth), St. Petersburg (1.8 billion rubles, 2.4 times growth), Krasnodar Krai (1.7 billion rubles, 3.4 times), Moscow Region (1.3 billion rubles, 3.7 times), Tyumen Region (more than 1 billion rubles, 2.6 times). Among the leading regions are also Sverdlovsk (2.2 times), Novosibirsk (almost 2 times) regions, Primorsky Krai (2.3 times), Samara Region (3.4 times) and Tatarstan (3.7 times).

"Preferential mortgage" in the DOM Bank.The Russian Federation is available at a rate of 6.8%, "Family" – from 4.8%, for IT specialists - from 3.9% and a standard market mortgage without state support – from 8.99%.

JSC "Bank DOM.RF" (until December 13, 2018, JSCB "Russian Capital") is a mortgage and construction bank with a wide federal service network that finances housing construction projects using escrow accounts in all subjects of the Russian Federation (an authorized bank in the field of housing construction since 2018). The sole shareholder of JSC "Bank DOM.RF" is JSC "DOM.RF".