Traffic has opened along the SVH overpass in the area of the TPU "Botanical Garden"

AK&M 02 December 2021 16:46

Traffic has opened along the overpass of the main course of the North-Eastern Chord (SVH) from the Botanical Garden station of the Moscow Central Ring (MCC) to Agricultural Street. This was reported by the Construction Complex.

Together with the overpass, traffic was opened along the ground section of the main course of the SVH from Nansen Passage to Birch Alley with a length of 1 km and an underground pedestrian crossing in the area of Signal Passage, house 16, building 1.

The construction of the section from the Botanic Garden MCC station (the metro station of the same name is located nearby) to Agricultural Street was completed seven months ahead of schedule under the contract. It is planned to build 22.6 km of roads on the section of the SVH from Yaroslavskoye to Dmitrovskoye highway, including: three overpasses of the main course, two overpasses-exits, three bridges over the Likhoborka River.

Reconstruction of the bridge over the Yauza River and an underground pedestrian crossing near the metro station "Botanical Garden" is also planned. Two exits will be updated in the transition, an additional staircase with a ramp will be built, an elevator for people with limited mobility will be installed. An underground pedestrian crossing has already been built in the area of house 16, building 1 in the Signal Passage.

Recall that the North-Eastern Chord is part of the chord highway system, which is designed to improve the transport situation in Moscow by providing cross-links in the middle part of the city. It is planned to put the entire SVH into operation by 2023.