Vladimir Putin held a meeting on the situation in the oil industry

AK&M 17 May 2022 16:46

Russian President Vladimir Putin held a meeting on the situation in the oil industry. The transcript is posted on the Kremlin's website.

Sanctions on the oil and gas markets imposed by European countries for absolutely political reasons have led to an increase in prices, a shortage of a number of petroleum products and have a negative impact on the transport industry, European industry, and consumers.

Obviously, along with Russian energy resources, the possibility of increasing economic activity will also leave Europe for other regions of the world.

Such an economic "suicide" is an internal matter of European countries. Russia must act pragmatically, proceeding from its own economic interests.

Changes in the oil market are tectonic in nature. And doing business as before, according to the old model, seems unlikely.

Understanding what steps will be taken in the near future in the West, we must draw conclusions in advance and act ahead of time, turn the ill-considered, chaotic steps of some of our partners to the benefit of our country.