VTB will adapt 100% of ATMs for visually impaired users by the end of the year

AK&M 03 December 2021 11:47

VTB in December 2021 will complete the full adaptation of the ATM network — more than 15 thousand devices - for visually impaired customers. This is stated in the bank's message.

Currently, such functionality is available for them in 7 thousand devices, more than 900 ATM work for blind clients.

VTB will adapt ATMs for blind and visually impaired users from 2020. Today they are equipped with a special user script with a contrasting interface and the possibility of speech output of information. This allows customers to independently perform the necessary operations: request a balance, withdraw cash, deposit money to a bank card.

The functionality is available to customers not only with VTB cards, but also for cards issued by other banks. A user with an absolute visual impairment connects wired headphones to the ATM and, using the voice support service, selects the necessary buttons on the keyboard. A visually impaired person can set up a color scheme that is comfortable for himself, for example, so that a black font is displayed on a white screen.

VTB has one of the largest self-service device networks in the country, which includes 15,000 devices in more than 1,700 localities. VTB ATM network is actively used by more than 6 million people, VTB Online mobile and Internet bank - over 12 million.

VTB has also adapted its products and services for blind and visually impaired VTB Online users. Now they have access to 50% of the functionality of the mobile application and 90% of the VTB Online online banking. With the help of special services, they can pick up a portfolio of savings and investment products and transfer currency between their accounts. By the end of the year, VTB Online functionality will be 100% available to them.

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