VTB will insure census employees against coronavirus

AK&M 15 October 2021 16:19

VTB will provide insurance against coronavirus infection and accidents for employees of the All-Russian Population Census. Insurance coverage is 200 thousand rubles. This is stated in the bank's message.

The VTB insurance program in case of COVID-19 infection or accidents will be valid for the entire month of the census campaign. In case of inpatient treatment, the insurance amount will be additionally paid for each day of stay in the hospital. In addition, insurance coverage for employees of the census campaign covers accidents and other illnesses that have led to serious harm to health. Insurance coverage is free for campaign participants.

VTB will automatically issue insurance for all correspondents who are or become clients of the bank. Customers of other banks can open an anonymous Visa debit card in VTB for free and, in addition to insurance, receive 1,000 rubles when making the first transaction on it for any amount.

VTB already provides free insurance for pensioners in case of fraudulent write-offs, and also offers free insurance in case of cancer in children to customers who receive child payments to the bank card.

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