A comprehensive archive service has been launched in the Moscow region

Government of the Moscow Region 31 March 2023 16:27

It is now possible to send a request to the municipal and state archives with the help of one comprehensive service, the press service of the Minsk City Administration of the Moscow region reports.

"Previously, it was necessary to indicate from which archive the information was needed: state or municipal, and to submit a separate application to each. Now all the archives of the Moscow region are combined into a new comprehensive service, so you can get all the information by one online application," said Nadezhda Kurtyanik, Minister of Public Administration, Information Technology and Communications of the region.

In the archive network of the Moscow region, you can get answers to inquiries about property, work experience or salary, about the history of the house, the street, and much more. You can also request information from metric books of different years and study the pedigree of your family.

Service "Issuance of certificates by the archives of the Moscow region" is available on the regional portal in the section "Personal documents" – "References". It is provided within 15 working days. The result, certified by an electronic signature, is sent to the applicant's personal account.

"Many archival documents require special care and storage. Therefore, the "digit" protects the most valuable copies from unnecessary manipulation. This also applies to metric books before 1917: access to such documents is open online," Nadezhda Kurtyanik added.

The Moscow Region has joined the Yandex project to decrypt archival documents. The neural network has deciphered more than 300 thousand pages of metric books from the Central State Archive of the Moscow region. The digitized files contain records of people who lived on the territory of the Moscow region and nearby regions.

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