In 2023, the number of tourists in Karelia has almost doubled compared to last year

Government of the Republic of Karelia 27 September 2023 13:45

This was announced by Dmitry Rodionov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Karelia for Economic Affairs, at the Legendary Karelia Tourism Forum in Petrozavodsk.

The Legendary Karelia Forum will last two days. Its participants plan to sum up the results of the outgoing high season, discuss trends in the development of the industry.

Dmitry Rodionov noted the growth of tourist flow in Karelia. According to official statistics, 705 thousand tourists visited the republic in the first half of 2023, for the same period last year - 304 thousand people.

- The increase in the number of guests contributes to an increase in tax revenues from hospitality organizations, the opening of new accommodation and display facilities, new air service destinations from Petrozavodsk. This year continues to break all the records of the past years.  The fact that the tourism industry is developing successfully is also evidenced by the fact that taxes from the activities of our entrepreneurs who are engaged in tourism have increased by almost 20 percent," Dmitry Rodionov said.

Tourism today is a sphere that contributes to the development of other sectors of the economy of the republic, not only related, such as catering, but also the construction complex, passenger transportation. In addition, the state pays great attention to the development of the industry. For example, in 2022, the tourism industry of Karelia received unprecedented amounts from the federal budget – 474 million rubles. This became possible thanks to the successful participation of the Government of the Republic of Karelia in federal selections among the subjects of the Russian Federation. Thanks to these measures, it was possible to support 80 different projects, from the construction of modular hotels to the opening of rental points.

- Thanks to these measures alone, the number of rooms in the region increased by 600 places in 2023. New glampings were opened in the north of Karelia, for example, the "Point of Attraction" in the Loukhsky district, "Pomorsky" in the Kemsky district, the second line of the "White Bridges" complex of 17 modular houses was opened, a modular hotel was built on the territory of the "Ladoga Estate", additional houses were built at the Kangas recreation center and the "New" glamping camp". A few days ago, it became known about the decision of the Russian Government to allocate additional funding to support projects to create modular non-capital accommodation facilities, following which five Karelian projects will receive 125 million rubles for 2023 and 2024," the Deputy Prime Minister said.

Dmitry Rodionov presented Honorary Badges of the Head of the Republic of Karelia for his contribution to the development of the region, assistance in the prosperity of the tourism industry of Karelia. This award was received by Tamara Glushanok, Professor of the Department of Tourism of the Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism of PetrSU, Vadim Gavrilenko, creator of the military-historical complex "Filina Mountain" and Elena Zhirina, head of the Department of Inbound Tourism and Educational Projects of Inturlider LLC. Representatives of the tourism business were also presented with commendations from the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Karelia, the Development Corporation of the Republic of Karelia, the My Business Center.

At the Legendary Karelia Forum, the winners of the Karelian Tourism Business Leaders competition were also awarded.  This year, the Government of Karelia revived the tradition of encouraging particularly distinguished representatives of the hospitality sector of the region.

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