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02 June 2023 19:38

K.Pronin became the head of the Department of Financial Market Infrastructure of the Central Bank

Larisa Selyutina, who has headed this department since 2020, will become an adviser to the Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia.
Ministry of Education and Science of Russia
02 June 2023 19:35

The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia explained to universities new financial mechanisms for the implementation of network training programs

The online form of education allows students to master individual parts of the educational program — subjects, courses, disciplines (modules), practices — using the educational base of several universities and with the involvement of employers

Russian Railways
02 June 2023 19:22

A new vestibule of the station has been opened in Moscow, the area of three stations of the MCD-2 and the future MCD-4

During the reconstruction of this section, the railway workers carried out the reconstruction of 47 city communications with a total length of about 10 km, ensuring the safety of 6 objects

02 June 2023 19:11

The share of resident shares in the structure of physical persons' assets at brokers has reached 30%

The average size of the account of resident individuals in brokerage services increased in the quarter to 225 thousand rubles.