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21 September 2023 14:55

Rare lizards released into nature under the supervision of Rosprirodnadzor employees

This will allow to expand their habitat and study additional factors for the survival of takyr roundheads.
21 September 2023 14:55

"Tape" can eliminate RELISH

21 September 2023 14:52

The Moscow Exchange will expand the possibilities of over-the-counter transactions with currencies

bidders will be able to calculate over–the–counter transactions with the Central Bank with currency pairs "Turkish lira – Russian ruble", "US dollar – Turkish lira", "Hong Kong dollar - Russian ruble" and "US dollar - Hong Kong dollar".
Tomsk Polytechnic University
21 September 2023 14:50

By the end of the year, the TPU reactor plans to launch the production of lutetium-177 for nuclear medicine

This will significantly increase the number of medical procedures in the country.
21 September 2023 14:47

Merchants & Marine Bancorp acquires Mississippi River Bank

Merchants & Marine Bancorp signs agreement to acquire Mississippi River Bank
Tomsk Polytechnic University
21 September 2023 14:42

TPU scientists have created a new type of functional gradient optical ceramics

It can be promising for use as light-emitting materials in lighting engineering, elements of passive optics.