Motovilikha increased the supply of liquid oxygen for Perm medical institutions

Rostec 14 January 2022 17:30

The company "Motovilikhinsky Plants" under the management of the company "RT-Capital" has increased the production of high purity medical oxygen with a concentration of 99.9% for the needs of medical institutions of the Perm Region. 

Such indicators were achieved for the first time since the launch of supplies in June 2021, when the company confirmed the conformity of oxygen production for medical purposes. At the same time, the volume of production of the substance at Motovilikha was constantly growing: if in the first months deliveries to medical institutions were within 120 tons, then in December the volume of unloading increased by more than 50% and amounted to 180 tons of liquid medical oxygen. The increase in its production was achieved by increasing the efficiency of the technical devices of the air separation unit. In addition, in the shortest possible time, the oxygen produced at the enterprise was entered into the register of pharmaceutical substances and its quality was confirmed above the required indicators. 

"Given the social importance of medical oxygen production, we plan to work out the issue of increasing the productivity of the Motovilikha oxygen station in the near future. At the same time, we are talking not only about the modernization of the installation itself, but also about increasing its own oxygen storage system in case of an aggravation of the epidemiological situation. Today, the company has delivered more than 1,000 tons of oxygen to hospitals in the Perm Region," said Semen Yakubov, General Director of RT-Capital LLC. 

Oxygen is produced at the Teplo-M LLC station (as part of Motovilikha). The substance is used to treat patients with diseases of the respiratory and circulatory systems, it is necessary for patients in intensive care units and intensive care units, as well as during surgical operations. 

"Understanding the need for medical oxygen, we have reconfigured the products of the oxygen station of the Motovilikha Plants. At the same time, it was important for us to maintain the smooth operation of the enterprise using oxygen for production processes in metallurgy and mechanical engineering," said Sergey Dyadkin, Managing Director of PJSC Motovilikhinsky Plants. 

Motovilikhinsky Plants is one of the first industrial enterprises in Russia, which managed to license the production of technical oxygen for medical purposes and arrange shipments to medical institutions in the shortest possible time. Laboratory and certification studies have confirmed the purity of the Motovilikha product at the level of 99.9%, which is higher than the requirements for medical oxygen today - not lower than 99.5%. Such results were achieved thanks to the closed technological cycle of production at the plant's facilities.

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