MTS visualized artificial intelligence for new advertising

MTS 08 December 2022 18:37

MTS PJSC, a leading Russian company providing digital, media and telecommunications services, has launched a digital advertising campaign specifically for the youth audience in support of a new digital book service — Strings.

In the new advertising campaign, MTS focused on the intelligent recommendation system of the Line service, which selects books, audiobooks and podcasts according to the user's interests. According to the plot of the video, the viewer seems to get inside the artificial intelligence and the String application library. The characters of the Line, together with the robot, analyze the reader's interests while he finishes reading one book, and are already ready to offer him a new batch of books that a young man should like.

 "In the new advertising campaign, we decided to rely on a situation familiar to everyone from the experience of using music applications - when the content is tailored to interests. By this analogy, the String book application also works. I hope that our stylish, bright characters of the Line will convince the youth audience of their ability to offer something that will really be interesting to the reader," says Maria Yakovleva, Director of the MTS Marketing Communications Department.

The location of a real library, graphically combined with a modified space with unusual architecture and a huge number of books, helped to create the feeling of an endless and technological library in the video.

 Director Sergey Frante, a young and talented visualizer, added a modern and technological "sound" to the picture, without going into detachment from the person.  Cameraman Vladimir Ushakov, who has an amazing vision of the frame, created a vivid picture.

Composition of the creative group:

MTS (client):

Maria Yakovleva – Director of Marketing Communications Department

Valery Kopytin – Head of the youth direction

Arina Yezhova – Manager of the youth direction



Director: Sergey Frante

About the Strings service

"Strings" from MTS is a new application with a large catalog of electronic and audio books of all genres: from classics to modern prose, as well as exclusive publications and author's podcasts. "Lines" is also its own publishing house, which publishes Russian authors and foreign bestsellers on exclusive rights, including such novels as "Paradise" and "Afterlife" by the 2021 Nobel Laureate in Literature Abdulrazak Gurna.

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