"Octave" enters the market of vocal radio systems

Rostec 27 January 2022 18:45

At the international music exhibition NAMM Believe in music, the Russian manufacturer of electroacoustic equipment "Octave" of Rostec State Corporation announced the release of a line of wireless radio systems. New developments are designed by the R&D Center of the enterprise and are at the stage of launching into mass production. It is expected that the devices will go on sale in the second quarter of this year. 

Until now, the brand has been known for professional wired studio and concert microphones. Announcing the release of vocal radio systems, Oktava debuts in a new promising product segment, which accounts for 34% of the global audio equipment market. 

"At the moment, the market of wireless microphone radio systems is the largest and fastest growing segment of the professional audio equipment market in the world. According to Maia Research Analysis, by 2024 the volume of this market will reach 1.83 billion dollars. Oktava radio systems are high-quality components, great sound and up-to-date design," said Lyubov Stalnova, Marketing Director of the Oktava plant. 

The project to create a line of wireless radio systems is being implemented by Octave as part of the company's development strategy. The new Octave wireless microphone systems will include a stationary receiver with a screen with the possibility of installation in a rack rack, external antennas and IR synchronization, as well as one or two hand-held or belt-mounted transmitters designed for different tasks in two segments, PRO and mass market. 

"With our radio systems, the user will receive wireless vocal microphones or a modification with ear-mounted head transmitters that provide voice propagation in a wide range of 20-20, 000 Hz. The kit of any system includes a receiver that receives an audio signal from the transmitter and transmits it further to the mixer and active acoustics. In the line of new products, we have provided such indicators of the frequency range, the range of signal reception and transmission and the battery life of transmitters that are equal to or exceed the declared technical characteristics of existing radio systems of foreign manufacturers on the market," said Alexander Alekseev, chief designer of the Octava R&D Center. 

Radio systems will provide the highest sound quality when transmitting vocals and will be available in versions for the mass market and for professionals in the PRO-audio segment. The model designed for the mass market segment will completely cover the needs in the field of amateur solo and duet performance. It can be used in karaoke clubs and at home, not only for singing, but also during entertainment events. 

The system created for the PRO-audio segment is designed to work with sound in theaters, musicals, film studios, lecture halls, and any other professional venues. To ensure the work of several performers or large groups at once, for example, a choir, it is possible to scale up to 30 simultaneously working channels. 

Several such systems can be quickly and easily combined into one network and used in really large-scale projects. The receiver will have built-in mounts for installation in a rack rack, and for ease of transportation, the system will be equipped with a metal or plastic case. 

In January, Oktava's design engineers are completing testing of wireless vocal radio systems. The global premiere of the new line will take place at The NAMM Show in the summer of 2022.

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