PNRPU has created a combined dietary supplement to increase the weight of broiler chickens

Perm Polytechnic University 27 September 2023 14:51

Currently, antibiotics are used in poultry farming in order to preserve young animals and increase the growth rate, as a result of which the immunity to antibiotics that occurs in birds is highly likely to spread to humans, and at the same time will have a negative impact on the health of the bird itself, leaving some diseases without adequate treatment. Ultimately, this affects productivity in domestic poultry farming and food security. The search for non—traditional biologically active feed additives — safe stimulators of poultry growth - is relevant and timely. Perm Polytechnic scientists have developed a new biologically active additive that improves the efficiency and quality of poultry products. Thanks to this discovery, broiler chickens, in whose diet the supplement will be introduced, will begin to gain weight faster, which will have a positive impact on the field of agriculture.

The study was published in the first issue of the Collection of scientific papers of the KNCZV for 2023. The development was carried out within the framework of the strategic academic leadership program "Priority 2030".

The new biologically active additive contains the aboveground part of the Safflower Leucea. This plant adaptogen (a drug that allows to increase the body's resistance to harmful effects and stress) grows mostly in Altai and is used to stimulate the body defenses of broiler chickens, as it has a number of useful properties (antioxidant, immunomodulatory, anabolic, etc.)

In addition, the supplement contains a protein component, which is dried earthworms. It is precisely its composition that includes amino acids that stimulate the growth and development of chickens.

According to Ksenia Malysheva, a laboratory assistant at the Department of Chemical Technologies of PNRPU, the main purpose of the work was to study the toxicity and effectiveness of a new biologically active additive.

At the first stage, the study showed positive results: testing was carried out on rats in standard experimental conditions in accordance with the approved protocol in compliance with the rules of humane treatment of animals. During the study, the general condition of animals using dietary supplements and those who ate exclusively regular food was evaluated positively: in both cases (subject to the dose of the supplement), normal intake of feed and water, normal coordination of movements, consistency of fecal masses, frequency of urination were observed. No toxic effects or fatal cases were found. The autopsy showed the same positive results — no side effects were detected.

Then the scientists started the second stage — the introduction of an additive into the diet of broiler chickens in order to find out the effectiveness of this remedy.

— The control and experimental groups consisted of chickens of the ROSS-308 cross. The biologically active additive under study was added to the feed based on the calculated feed weight for the current day, — says Ksenia Malysheva, a laboratory assistant at the Department of Chemical Technologies of PNRPU.

Observations were made from the 8th to the 40th day of the animals' life. Chickens in both groups (those that consumed dietary supplements and those that did not) gained weight during the entire observation period. However, as a result, it turned out that the difference in growth was 180.5 grams in favor of the group in whose diet the supplement was introduced. At the same time, the general condition and behavior of the animals were normal. As scientists suggest, an increase in animal body weight is associated with an increased content of amino acids alanine and lysine in a biologically active supplement — they influence the growth and development of chickens.

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