Restrictions have been imposed on the export of finished meat products of Starodvorskie Sausages CJSC to foreign markets

Rosselkhoznadzor 25 September 2023 16:56

Due to repeated detection of non-compliance with veterinary and sanitary requirements of a number of importing countries, the Rosselkhoznadzor canceled the inspection certificates of Starodvorskie Sausages CJSC and imposed restrictions on the supply of the company's finished meat products to Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Vietnam, the UAE and the Seychelles.

As a result of laboratory studies, the antibiotic Enrofloxacin was found in boiled sausage products from poultry meat, and the undeclared food additive Carrageenan was found in sausages.
Regular consumption of food products with a residual content of Enrofloxacin creates a prerequisite for antibiotic resistance, and excessive amounts of Carrageenan in meat products with a cumulative effect can lead to allergic reactions.

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