Russian Railways and NUST MISIS will develop a new technology in quantum communication networks to protect against information leaks

Russian Railways 26 January 2022 16:00

JSC "Russian Railways" and the Competence Center of NTI "Quantum Communications" of NUST MISIS have signed an agreement to create an innovative device for quantum-protected communication networks.

The aim of the project is to develop an experimental sample of a quantum encryption key distribution device using technology for an "untrusted" central node. Such a node does not accumulate quantum encryption keys in a "star" type network (with a central node and several connected peripheral communication devices). The key is distributed immediately between peripheral devices, which reduces the possibility of unauthorized access.

"The goals and planned results of the project fully correspond to the action plan of the roadmap for the development of the high-tech field of quantum communications for the creation of technologies for the organization of "untrusted" intermediate nodes in quantum key distribution networks. The technology being developed will significantly optimize the architecture of quantum networks," said Arthur Gleim, Head of the Department of Quantum Communications of Russian Railways.

The contract implies carrying out research work, within the framework of which the center's employees will create an experimental sample, test it and evaluate the possibility and feasibility of creating a new type of equipment using the technology of distribution of quantum keys by an "untrusted" central node based on the MDI-QKD (Measurement Device Independent Quantum Key Distribution) protocol.

"The new equipment, which is planned to be designed and created within the framework of the project, will allow the construction of a quantum network with a "star" topology. The Zvezda concept assumes that peripheral devices are connected to an untrusted central node in pairs and quantum keys are distributed," said Igor Pavlov, Deputy Director of the NTI Quantum Communications Competence Center at NUST MISIS.

JSC "Russian Railways" within the framework of the project acts as a customer and curator of the roadmap for the development of quantum communications in Russia, NUST MISIS in partnership with QRate are the executor of the contract.

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