Skol Airlines (Kaliningrad) is reducing its fleet of aircraft

Росавиация 21 June 2021 23:23

35 aircraft previously leased by JSC STLC to the airline are excluded from the certificate of the operator of Skol Airlines. At the same time, Skol airlines can perform flights, including on socially significant routes, and carry out aviation operations using the remaining fleet of aircraft in the amount of 18 units.

Restrictions are introduced on the basis of the requirements of Federal Aviation Regulations and the application of JSC "STLC" in connection with the termination of the airline's legal grounds for their use.

The current situation should not adversely affect the personnel of Skol Airlines. In this regard, employees will be given the opportunity to work in other airlines at their request.

Leasing agreements for 35 aircraft were concluded between JSC " STLC "and the airline" Skol " in the period from 2017 to 2019. Since 2018, the air carrier has ceased to properly fulfill its obligations under leasing agreements. At the same time, from the date of formation of the debt, the leasing company worked out and discussed with the airline various options for resolving overdue receivables and continuing further cooperation.

In May-June 2021, Rosaviatsia and the Ministry of transport of Russia held a number of meetings aimed at resolving the disputed situation. However, Skol Airlines LLC did not take any measures to repay overdue lease payments. In this regard, JSC "STLC" sent a statement to the Federal Air Transport Agency on the termination of the legal grounds for the ownership of aircraft LLC "airline " Skol".

According to the Ministry of health of Russia, the airline also has violations when performing aviation operations in order to provide medical care within the framework of the federal project "development of the primary medical care system". In particular, during the period of participation in the project, Skol Airlines LLC artificially and unreasonably underestimated prices during competitive procedures for performing aviation work in order to provide medical care, which led to multiple violations in the implementation of concluded state contracts, and, as a result, to their termination in a number of regions of the Russian Federation.

Currently, the Ministry of health of Russia, together with Rosaviatsia, is taking measures to transfer aviation work to other airlines in order to provide medical care in 14 regions of the Russian Federation. JSC "STLC" formed a schedule for the transfer of aircraft to other operators. 

For reference: Skol Airlines LLC as a legal entity was established in 2000, carries out production activities since 02/20/2001. The main activity is the implementation of commercial air transportation (transportation of passengers and cargo), the performance of aviation operations, including for the purpose of providing medical assistance, on the territory of the Russian Federation, the performance of aviation operations abroad.

Location: Kaliningrad. Home airports: Krasnoyarsk (Cheremshanka, MK-114 training ground).

The fleet of aircraft includes: 53 aircraft, including 44 helicopters (AS-350-3 units, Ansat-6 units, Mi - 171-2 units, Mi - 26-6 units, Mi - 8-2 units, Mi - 8MTV - 25 units), 9 aircraft (Cessna 208-3 units, L - 410-5 units, Yak - 40-1 unit).

Number of personnel: flight crew members-211 people; cabin crew members-27 people, Engineering and technical personnel-128 people.

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